Support Groups

If newly diagnosed, a cancer survivor or a friend or loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer sharing, learning and leaning on others in similar situations can be quite valuable. Indeed, many people find both strength for the fight and encouragement through support groups which can also help those patients and their loved ones during periods of recovery and survivorship. Also, if a loved one has been lost to cancer the healing process may be helped as well though such support.

At the Memorial Care Cancer Institute several support groups are available for you and your loved one at the various campuses. At the Orange Coast facility the following groups, which usually meet twice monthly, can be reached via Dani Daniels, LCSW at 714-378-7950:

  • The Journey: Breast Cancer Support Group
  • Prostate Support Group
  • Transitions & Bereavment
  • Support Connection
  • Lung Cancer Support Group

At Saddleback Memorial Medical Center the Women’s Cancer Support Group meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month and can be reached via Gabrielle Powers, LCSW at (949) 452-3362.

Support Groups

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