Initial Consultation

We understand that you will have many questions about your diagnosis and treatment options. We want you to walk away with as many answers as possible. Before your first appointment, we will typically call you at home to discuss your upcoming visit. We also communicate with your referring doctor(s) and prior medical facilities to obtain additional information and medical records. A signed release of information form may be required (click here). On your initial visit, we will ask you to complete a health history and information form. Forms are available (click here) if you would like to complete them ahead of time and bring to your first visit to expedite the process. All information provided to us is confidential and will not be released to anyone without your approval.

During your initial office visits, you and your physician will discuss your diagnosis and all aspects of treatment in detail. In addition, blood tests, additional scans and diagnostic procedures may be requested. Though rare, it may be necessary to start your treatment immediately; however, in most cases, your treatment program will be developed in collaboration with our physicians.

You may also receive an information packet that will include dietary guidelines and a comprehensive explanation of your chemotherapy, including side effects, cancer support groups in the area, our services, and more (if applicable).