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The physicians and staff at OC Blood & Cancer Care, a close affiliate with the Memorial Care Cancer Institute, welcome you to our website and hope the information contained herein makes the often difficult process of finding state-of-the-art, academically oriented and world-class care for blood disorders and all forms of cancer a bit easier and closer to home.

We understand that a diagnosis of cancer or certain blood disorders comes with a wide array of challenges, questions and concerns. It affects all of you, your family and practically every aspect of your life. With this in mind, we assure you the most sophisticated level of care, while providing you and those close to you with the utmost support, kindness, compassion, and respect.

Our board-certified physician-experts specialize in developing and coordinating comprehensive cutting-edge treatment programs specifically for you and delivered usually within our office(s) and usually the cutting-edge Memorial Care Cancer Institute campuses.

Most cases are initially and then periodically reviewed by a panel of physicians so as to offer a treatment recommendation that is collectively agreed upon as the best choice for a specific patient. We are also strong advocates of the field of personalized medicine for cancer patients whereupon a recommended therapy is specific to the patient and his/her cancer. Hence, when feasible and clinically indicated and in partnership with our pathology colleagues we seek to determine the molecular pathways that drive many cancer we treat via various technologies including next generation gene sequencing which many provided an opportunity for targeted therapy.

Again, we take tremendous pride in the quality of our care and the outcomes our patients achieve. We hope our website conveys this feeling!

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